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Directly from Chilean Patagonia, our salmon has the best texture, taste and color satisfying the most discerning palates.

For your knowledge and peace of mind Healthy protein certified by the American Heart Association.


Coho Salmon

Our fillet is one of Silverside’s favorites! With its marbled look, buttery smoothness, and fresh flavor, it will be your best ally when it comes to offering it as sashimi tartar or in cooked preparations.

skin on portion

Coho Salmon

We know that many times you need an easy, quick and tasty meal without leaving the flavor aside. . Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered … with our skin on portions you have an ocean of possibilities. Baked with succulent side sauces, grilled with some roasted vegetables, or just sautéed in the pan with some asparagus, the Silverside experience is well assured.


Coho Salmon

With our Coho salmon, you can create beautiful dishes (that taste even better than they look!). Its superior quality make it irresistible to work with, from the simplest to the most experienced preparations. experience is well assured.